Size of AVM

I am new here, my grandchild is just 5 week in with an AVM bleed. We are still in shock of course and don't know what to do, what is considered a "small" or "large" avm.
Hers is 2.5 cm

Hi Momo, That was the size of mine also approx. (3 cm) but of course I was much bigger whn it was found !, I'm not sure here but perhaps age is on her side in that she has her whole life to recover and grow stronger, Try to keep positive and just provide the support that grandparents always do. Always remember that small "miracles" happen all over the world for no reason, So keep hope that all will be fine and stay strong for her and her parents. Take care.

Thank you Martin!
My daughter just joined this group, her name is "Monkey" she could use your kind words now too.
God Bless!

Thanks Momo, And sure that's what we are here for, its nice to know that there are others that have been through what you and your family have and wish to help others on there journey also. Take care and I will keep an eye out for Monkey :) . Thanks again.

Mine is 8 mm, very small but still has a high risk of rupture. You may hear of grading AVMs by size and location by using the spetzler Martin scale. They use this as a rough guide to determine when surgery is appropriate. It classifies small as less than 3 cm, medium as 3-6 cm, and large and bigger than 6 cm.