Sister update

I havent been on the site in a while. But thought id tell you what my sister has been up to. Well, she is talking normal and talking normally but has slight personality change not too bad. Her memory still isnt good but getting better, then again its only been alittle over 2months since surgery. If anyone who didnt know her before everything that happen would never have thought she had brain surgery. She complains alot about back pain, Her dr thinks with was from when her blood was mixing with her spinal cord liq, eventually will get better She had her post surgery MRI which looked good. We are now just waiting for her 6months post surgery MRI to clear her for good. I must admit altho she has changed since her surgery, in the sense that she is more laid back and not so up tight. I honestly miss that about her BUT i would definitely would rather take my sister over a old personality trait.

God bless good to see things are slowly getting better

Thank you for the update on your sister Kneenah - it's so good to hear that she is progressing so well just 2 months shy of her surgery - praise the Lord!!! While God may have allowed this AVM in your sisters life, he was there with her every step of the way and will now be used for his purpose which, in turn, will bring many blessings into her life!


Good answer kneenah. :) Thank you for the update and here's hoping that she will continually improve! Keep us posted, she's in our thoughts... :)

So happy to hear your sister is doing so well, I'm sure all the love and support you have shown her helped a lot. God Bless all of you and I will continue to send prayers as she continues her journey.

I am so glad she is doing better. I know how worried you have been throughout this whole ordeal. I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself as well!

Glad to see she's progressing so well. Thanks for the update!