Sister update 4/13/13

Update from my Dad: Erica has had the ventilator removed and she has a had a tracheotomy. She is breathing without assistance. She was moved out of ICU yesterday and is now (hopefully) able to get some rest. I do want to thank the incredible nursing staff at the Lutheran ICU unit. The nurses and aids took fantastic care of Erica for which we will be forever grateful. Erica is now opening both eyes and tracking movements. She was also able to stick her tongue out at Dr. Canavati which made him smile. Her toe wiggles are more pronounced and she gives us small smiles (although when I tell her Uncle David's favorite joke her smile is more of a grimace!). She has started physical therapy. Her first session included sitting on the side of the bed with assistance. The therapist thinks that she was willfully helping, albeit slightly, with at least one of the movements he was doing. I'm thinking that is a very good thing.
Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. The kindness shown to us has been amazing. Thank you all!

Super Hurrah! This news is encouraging!

Thank you, Barbara - I am excited by this news, and it's reassuring to know that someone else thinks it is encouraging!