Significant shrinkage!

Hi All! Follow-up appointment for Ashley today with the neurosurgeon and her latest MRI shows “Significant shrinkage”!!! It was sooooo wonderful to finally get some good news!!! They will be following up in 4mo. with a contrast angio-gram to see if anything shows up, if it shows nothing, then they will do a traditional angio-gram to verify if it is gone completely! So please keep us in your prayers as I believe this is what is shrinking her AVM!!

What wonderful news, Denise!

Wow I love to hear good news,you and Ashley must be so happy.

Oh, man, such great news. I’m sure you slept very well that night.

Hello Denise and Ashley,
Such good news is…GOOD !!!
Positive thoughts, loving prayers and hugs all round !
May God guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always.
Be good to you. Take care of you.

Thank you all! It is so good to have some evidence that all the stuggles weren’t in vain and that the radiation is actually working! Take Care, all of you…I treasure your friendship!


Hey Denise thats great news for Ashley and you all, we will continue to keep Ashley in our thoughts and prayers.

thats just wonderful,i know you are on cloud nine,thank God,he is great!!!