Side effects

I am having what i guess you would call aches in my head in different places so i would not just say that i am having headaches. I am wondering if any of you have had any side effects from the gamma knife procedure? I had the gamma knife in October, 2009 and have had headaches since that time but here in the last few months, i have had different aches and pains kinda on the outerlayer of the inside of my head; not like a headache; makes me think of damage from radiation. although i am not a doctor and i cant really explain how i feel. i am also on two different medications for headaches. the only relief i get is by laying down with a cold pack on my head. the doctor just tells me to go to the emergency room and get a CTScan done. Well had oneof those bout 6 weeks ago and it all checked out okay.

Has anyone had any side effects that you could share with me? Thanks

I would heed his advice bu it wont’ show on a CT scan… you need to keep pursuing this… you dr. should be seeing you and I annot emphasize you know your body better than dr… follow up! Mare

I had my gamma knife proceedure back in September of 09, I’d had very little side effects of some headache’s but here lately, they are starting to be the norm. I’m also having issues with my speech…I know the word I’m wanting to say but can’t get it spoken and sometimes I have a few memory issues…I’m not sure these are side effects of the gamma knife or the avm itself…I’m going to my neurologist (sorry spelling issues) this week and hopefully he can spread some lite on these issue’s for me…I’m concerned because I went for my first 6month mri and there was very little change. It’s been almost a year since I was diagnosed and according to my doctor I will be able to drive again in just a few weeks…I’m really scared because I was having the headache’s when I had my seizure and discovered this avm…Are they coming back from the gamma knife or are they warnings of something happening again??? Talk to your doctor and tell him what is happening…Everybody react’s diffrent from the Gamma Proceedure,no specific side effects for everyone that I’ve been told…Good Luck

I am interested in what your doctor says about your headaches, although i have had mine the entire time, they are not as bad now; I am worried that i will have a seizure; that must have been scary. there are no specific side effects; no one on this website has the same symptoms but at least you get an idea and know that you are not alone; i do have memory loss at time to; but i went back to work and drove full time probably 2 weeks after the gamma knife; still get tired and have to put cold pack on my head to help relax; where is your avm located? mine is in the center of my head; to small and to deep to remove. i also had no change at my 6 month checkup. let me know how your appt. goes. tina

My son had Gamma in July 2008. He has MRI’s every 6 mths. In these MRI’s they check his AVM for shrinkage and also check for brain swelling which he DID develop one year post treatment.

Are you getting follow up care like this? Most people have MRI’s or MRA’s to check their brains regularly like my son does. It is pretty standard procedure. CAT scans just don’t do the same job AND as someone on here mentioned, they are high in radiation dose so should be limited to emergencies.

I am glad you see a neurologist but I would call someone and ask for a check up if you feel “different”. You just can’t risk the fact that you could develop brain swelling and possibly necrosis from the radiation. I think it needs to be checked AND you need to be checked for any weakness or deficets in your limbs!

We are fortunate that my son very rarely has a headache so when he does, we ‘freak’ a bit and take it very seriously. I can’t imagine how it would be if he had headaches all the time. Poor you. :frowning: I hope you can get some answers. I get so mad when people can’t get the help they need to be reassured everything is okay.