Side effects of the drugs

Has anyone suffered with severley swollen gums, due to the medication…?
I am on 500mg of phenytoin to help with the seizures, I told the doctors months ago and was reffered to a neurologist, to check the meds. As you all know getting a referal is ok, but I still haven’t seen anyone. But not the gums are so swollen, it is causing disfigured teeth and a very sore mouth, making it difficult to eat. Despite all the phone calls, e-mail and everything else, I am still not getting anywhere. Anyone else had this problem…?

My mother had severe problems. It was the only medication that she had ever taken. Unfortunately it caused severe damage to her teeth and gums. She ended having to have all of her teeth removed due to constantly having abscess problems.

Common side effect of Dilantin. There are many AED options available. Most important is finding one that works and has tolerable side effects. GK

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I have been on Dilantin for the past 30 years. I’ve had upper dentures for about 2 years. My top teeth were breaking off in shards like pottery.
Was it dry mouth? Was it gum issues? I don’t know. I don’t care. It doesn’t make a difference now. Before the Dilantin, my teeth were very strong. Then again, I didn’t start the it until I was 27.
Have to say, from both a cosmetic and facial structure perspective, I prefer the dentures.