Side effects of onyx embolization

I noticed a small bald spot on the back of my head over a week ago. This morning I noticed a clump of hair on my comb. Has anyone experienced any hair loss with the onyx embolization. I'm about two months post-embolization.

Onyx application takes a lot of fluoroscopy time, which means more radiation exposure. The hair loss is a consequence of that.

That makes sense!! Funny, they didn't mention that little tidbit pre-op! Oh well, I need my brain more than I need my hair!! Thanks for the quick response; I appreciate it.

They didn't mention the hair loss side effect to me either. :( Just had it three weeks ago and yesterday starting falling out. :(

I really don't know about Onyx application, but I have had 2 surgeries that were about 3 hours each. My hair started falling out about 3 months after surgery. I googled it (yeah, I and it is a real thing. It even has a is caused by all the anesthesia, or can happen from massive stress......I am ready for it to quit coming out, but it still is. Hopefully, somebody has some suggestions. The only thing I have heard is a shampoo that helps from AVEDA. But, I cannot use it yet on my craniotomy scar. But, it may be worth a try when I heal.!! :)

which shampoo from Aveda?