Hi it is my daughter with multiple avms just wondering if anyone has sickness as one of their symptoms . If Rebekah is not feeling sick she is being sick docs have ruled out pressure building in her brain .it is starting to become a problem she has already lost two stone . Also if anyone from uk is reading has anybody seen any consultants from hull royal infirmary

What type of sickness, Sarah? Vomiting? Twenty-eight pounds is a lot to lose. What medications is your daughter taking? Is she taking dexamethasone, for instance?

Feeling sick and vomiting it has got to the point were she has to carry a small container around with her . The only medication she is on is citalopram for anxiety . She has a dietician come to see her at home .

Nausea is on the side effects list for citalopram, and extreme nausea or vomiting may be a sign that this drug is not tolerated:

Please discuss the nausea/vomiting with the doctor who prescribed the citalopram. I hope adjusting her meds will help.

I have discussed it with docs who don’t seem to think its the problem . To be honest the problem is Rebekah has been passed to another consultant because her original one has gone to teach in Malaysia I feel she has been wrote off because her condition is that complex and they tell us no one would treat her she has only ever had one MRI scan when we had the diagnosis nearly 3 half years ago the docs said there is no point doing it again .With lots of other things they have said it has made us feel we are just waiting for something to happen to her .Rebekah is not the person we had she is almost child like sometimes and this seems to have got progressively worse. We are still. Waiting for a phsycologist to give her someone else to talk to , feel like I’m going round in circles most of the time .

I'm so sorry. Ask the UK group for advice on getting to a better neurosurgeon. So many of our UK members seem to get the runaround. I don't know if hiring an advocate or attorney can help cut through the red tape, but I hope someone will have useful advice for you on this.

Thanks. So sorry to sound off . I get very frustrated with the whole thing and it breaks my heart every time she has a bad day as I know is the same for us all take care sarah xx

I had sick ess for a few months but the doctors sed that it was wear my tracheostomy my flap hadn’t closed and I had to wait longer it was always when I layed down aswell but haven’t yet hopefully for quite a few months… X

She’s had it for ages can’t get to the bottom of it x decided tonight to go back to gp ,her balance is affected by avm as well just had a lightening thought maybe its that ,but sick of trying to guess need to get it sorted x