As it failed on me and the doctors were adamant that a shunt could not fail but then I got it checked out and the tubes got blocked up or something so then I had it removed and had something called the 3rdventraloscapia or something like that?anybodyelse had a shunt fitted after having there AVM removed?

Hey Jay, I had a shunt implanted in Nov 2009 after my first embolisation. Having worked in the medical field for some time now, I think shunt 'malfunctions' can be common. I have fortunately had no problems going on 3 years now. I think u may have been refering to a 'ventriculostomy'? I have a photo of mine from november on my page. This was before the permanent shunt was placed. The important thing is that our shunts are keeping the fluid pressure in our heads at an acceptable level. It's really amazing technology, but u were correct... they CAN malfunction. Hope ur hanging in okay. -GK