Should I have my daughter checked out at some point since I had an AVM myself?

I know it's probably been asked before, but is there a way checking into this as a preventative meausre is possible as a "just to make sure her brain is 100% healthy" thing? I don't want her to have to go through what I went through, or for her to experience worse. She's only about 6 months old, but knowing that I was born with such a thing & that NOBODY knew about it until it decided to bleed/cause my stroke, completely worries me in the fact that I know it COULD possibly, but won't necessarily happen to my daughter. Opinions, thoughts, ideas, words that will kick my anxiety about this down? :)

Honestly this is a hard one to answer as it is your child.

My personal opinion is from what they say AVM's are NOT inherited and she is very very very young to be subject to such radiation. I would dare say a CT Scan on a 6month old baby is probably not allowed unless it is a real emergency.

Also remember the baby's brain is still developing and radiation is only going to subject her to unnecessary radiation. Even if there is no AVM now it doesnt mean it cant develop at a later stage...i would let her live life and if she gets any symptoms that worry you in the future then maybe look into it.

My doctors wont let me do too many scans due to radiation exposure and the fact you a probably gonna get brain tumors from too much exposure as its not good for thats my opinion...God bless

Hi Toni. Is there anyone else in the immediate family who also has an AVM? There are some members here who have the HHT geneā€¦
You could have yourself tested for that gene if you are that worried.
Usually the HHT gene occurs with the pulmonary AVMs.
I would recommend doing a little family medical background research.

YES. They run in familys. Get her checked when she is at an approprate age. When the scans
Wont burt her development. AVM s are genetic. My mother had one in her brain
My grandmother died of one years ago before they were understood. I had one
In my spine. Im not trying to make you worry. But mine grew to be the biggest
AVM my DR ever saw. If it had been detected early in my life it wouldent
Have grown so big and caused as much damage to my spine if it was found at lets say when i
10 years old. Please be sure not let her get too old before having her completly
scanned. And routine checks throughout her life.

Doug, were you or anyone else in your family tested for HHT?