Short term memory loss

It has been almost 2 years since my frontal lobe avm removal. I have been in and out of hospitals...both physical and phychiatric (due totrauma and stress ), experienced la petit mal seizures, had multiple falls and injuries (from walking during seizures), and I have had extreme conflicts with friends who just do not understand. Meanwhile, i would like to believe that my health is improving. I am starting to gain the trust of my true friends back. I would like to believe that. However, the health part may not be true, and I am very scared. For the past month I have had extreme trouble remember detailed and basic events that have happened not so long ago. I remember conflicts, people, places, names, and that is about it. If people ask me what I did yesterday or how my weekend was I cannot answer because I cannot remember any of it. Is common after having a frontal lobe craniotomy? Could a la petite mal seizure due to the surgery have caused this? I am only 28, and I think that it might be to early to be showing symptoms of dymetia or alhtiemers. I also take multiple psychiatric drugs to help with stress. I feel alone because my parents tend to tjink I exaggerate, and I do know what to do or if I even should do anything.

Only a professional doctor can say for certain what has caused your short term memory loss. Most frontal lobe injuries cause emotional problems not memory loss. However, you are taking a number of meds and that can affect memory. You might want to call the doctor and ask him/her if this a problem.
Please do not stop taking your meds until you have conferred with your doctor!

I have to agree that a medical professional would be the best person to consult regarding your enquiry, however I can confirm I to suffer from short term memory loss at times since undergoing surgery and believe it is due to trauma and the fact your brain has been operated on...God bless!

Eliza, It is very hard for us to know whether it is the surgery or the meds that cause these problems because they all start at the same time.

Please contact your doctor and explain this to him. For my short term memory, what I did at first and still do, is to write important things down every day. That way I can read it (although I have aphasia (problem reading) if needed.

Trust me, it will get better. I had my hemorrhage 7 years ago and while it took lots of time and patience, things got better.

Memory loss is common after a craniotomy. While mine has improved a lot over the past 7years, I still find times when I have trouble with it. Do consult your doctor to discuss the medications you are on and whether they could be contributing to your memory loss. Good luck.

I def agree with Barbara in that only your doctor can state what caused your memory loss. Having said that, I empathize with you because I also had memory problems sometimes and they caused conflict. The way I dealt with those wa to remind people that I have a brain injury and that sometimes my memory can be affected.

Sending you prayers Eliza....the memory trauma you are facing is no mystery to the doctors.....however it would require some amount of hope & faith from your side for them to work on you......hang on.....pls do feel free to send me a message when you feel the need to vent ...... take care.

Bangalore, India.