Short term memory loss, any ideas to help with this? I use a digital recorder to help me

I had the same problem for a while. I didn’t really have much to help with it besides just having family help me with it. One thing that did help though was putting alarms on my phones etc. to help me keep track of everything. I also worked hard to keep my life on a schedule & always put things in the same place so I could keep track of things. A calendar helps too, to keep track of what I have to do/ go to. I still do those things, but it’s gotten a lot better. Good luck!! It will get better!! In rehab we had to remember certain items throughout the day as practice, that helped a little too…

thanks for your feedback Isee we are doing similar things & you are right it is getting better, I get in troble when I take on too many task at one time miss daisey

Hi Miss Daisey. I have the same trouble--short term memory loss is the major thing that I deal with (and have done for the last 23 years). I use a tape recorder occasionally to help me out, but, primarily, I use a tablet--a little notebook (one of those mini-five-star 5 1/2 inch notebooks by Mead), that I write down *everything* in. I write down what I've just done, what I need to do, an interesting thing that I've just read and don't want to forget, etc. Anything and everything that I need to remember, or that I need to know for getting through the day. It was suggested to me by a neuropsychologist (for whom I participated in a study) after I acquired my brain injury post-op in 1990, and I've been using tablets ever since. I also use stickies to remind me of things. I post them all over the place, so as to make sure that I see them, to remind me of appointments, or things that I need to do, etc. I also ask other people to remind me of things, and keep track of things, and use a calendar (as mdiam1 mentioned). Those might be some things you might want to look into trying out. They've helped me tremendously over the years. Hope some of that helps! Good luck!

hi Missdaisey,

I have permanent short term memory loss. I pretty much do the same thing the others have said. Except for use a recorder. Since I live alone, I find it helps me to be well organised. I make it a habit of putting things back where I got it. If I don't, then it's like scavenger hunt of where I left it. I too write everything down. Either on my calendar or on one of my notepads (I have two) that I keep on my refrigerator. And, I ALWAYS make a grocery list before I go shopping. As long as I remember the list, I'm good (smiling).

I think a lot of it is how we look at it. My friends and I both make jokes about my memory problem. You have to laugh about it sometimes. On the good side of it - I am a pro at keeping secrets. I am so good at it, that they have to remind me what it was(laughing).


I do as the others setting alarms in my phone and also sending myself emails
also if I dont put something in the same spot like my cell phone I have to spend loads of time retracing my steps
I also try not to do anything if I am really tired like attempt laundry cause I will forget it
I also set the cooking timer now when I do laundry so I dont forget.
I do loose track of time and my husband tries to help me that if I am on the phone or getting ready.
He also tries to keep me limited to my social dates with family and friends
We did alot this weekend so he has said nothing next weekend....but we will see

Yeah. I also always keep my phone on either a loud ring or vibrate so I can call it to find it if I lose it.

Hi Missdaisey - to help me with my short term memory, I keep a task list in my phone to remind me of things to get done or the appointments that I need to go to. At work, I keep little post-it notes at my desk to remind me of things that need to be done, and when they should be done.

thank you Leslye I was doing the same, & then I started an appointment page using word & saving to my documents, I stated utilizing a digital recorder to eliminate on the notes now I listen to my recording & the make an entry in my documents...

My iphone has been a tremendous help with my memory problems. Of course if I set it down and forget to pick it up I spend a long time trying to find it again! I leave myself notes on my phone and set alarms for things I have to remember at a certain time. I use calendar on my phone which sends me daily emails with what is scheduled for that day. I can also set it to give me reminders. Things like come up during the we're out of milk. I immediately add it to a running grocery list I have, If it's something the name of a new song I heard and like, I'll make a new note about it. I usually go through all my notes in the morning when I'm fresh and take care of anything I can then. My memory's gotten a bit better but I doubt I'll ever be where I was pre-bleed. Oh well... Like Ben said it's funny to me and my family now. Always something to pick on mom about!

hi Trish, I too doubt I will ever function as well as I did prior to my brain bleed, keep a tablet by my chair, I like the idea of little note books,

I've become the Queen of the Post-it notes!!! I have alarms set on my phone. I schedule everything on my computer & set reminders. I use the timer for laundry, cooking, etc. I've had a few schedule mishaps, because I forgot to call people back. I also put things away, then can't find them. Currently, I'm hunting for the remainder of the family reunion invitations so I can resend invitations to the corrected addresses I've received. It sucks, doesn't it? I found that I have to say or do something right away, when I think of it... otherwise, it's gone in 60 seconds!! If I'm taking something to a party, for example, I have to put it right in front of the door that I'll be exiting when I leave. Otherwise... I "fuuuuughet about it". Personally, I like your idea about a digital recorder. I may have to get me one of those!! You'll find your groove. Best wishes to you!!

hi princess, I feel your pain, it does get a little better if I go slow, I have had to learn how to do that, as I have always been a hyper active person finding my groove slowly, best to you too :)

thank you Ben lots of good ideas her Miss Daisey

thanks Angela getting a lot of good info here...Miss Daisey

I have short term memory too. Prior to my AVM & aneurysm accident I could remember every little detail and amazed so many people that I could remember! Now I keep a notepad and write everything down. I also write on the calendar, even when I send mail out I put it on the calendar. I also ask my family and friends to correct me if I don’t get the details right. I keep post-it notes near, then collect them when I write in my journal. I also accept the fact that I can’t always remember. Good luck, you’ll do fine!

tells you about the brain and what we might be lacking. im taking vitamin B6, B12, folate, fish oil, B5...... they help with memory, mood, concentration etc.

I do much the same but am having a real hard time doing so. I can't write and typing is easier, but a challenge as well! If I record, I forget where I left it! The sticky tape would help here. In rehab they spent so much time telling me all I could do on my I Pod, only I can't even spell it, let alone use it to remind me of ALL I forgot! HELP!!