She loves me, she loves me not

Hello guys, some of you may know i was discharged from over a 13 week stay in hospital last friday, and on the sunday, me and my girlfriend of 3 years were watching tv when i tried to hug her (as you do!) And she just moved into a position so i couldnt. So i got upset and told her it feels like she is pushing me away then she asked me if i wanted to know the real reason for this and i said yes! She then explained that for around 2 weeks prior my avm rupture she had started to feel as if our relationship felt more like a friedship which broke my heart. She has explained there is no one else (i always trusted her and new she would never stoop so low) and she has said she loves me but isnt sure if she is in love with me anymore. She has said she feels that because we are both 19 that we should both be living our lives alot more than we have i have left hospital i have moved in with her and her parents ( since the tenancy on our flat was up a month ago). But now she has told me all of this, i am going to stay with my friend for a little while, to have a break from the relationship because she has said she is just all confuzzled in the head at the moment! But she really does want he relatuonship to work(hence the break)

What im saying is i am just sooo hurt inside!
Broken heart, broken brain and broken life!
I am praying soo hard that she sorts head out and during the break she realizes how much she misses me and how much she does love me.
I just cannot lose her im in love
oes anyone have aby advice for me or to makke the break from th relationship truly work?

Man you really need to take it easy and dont need the hard this may sound to you but as someone who is much older i can say 19 is still very young and you have your life ahead of you.

Im sure you both love eachother BUT after what you went through she has opened this up to you so it is obviously a real problem. Remember mate you cant force someone to love you and its better to move on than live in a fantasy world where it wont work.

Hope it works out for you man but dont be so down because you are ALIVE! & that should come first in life. If she felt like this prior to the AVM bleed then her staying with you may be out of guilt....dont risk it unless she is 100% sure.

Be strong & positive & God bless

I'm so sorry, Kyle -- I know the timing of this is rotten for you. Illness puts a lot of stress on relationships, especially at 19. Try very hard to compartmentalize and focus exclusively on your recovery for now. Moving in with your friend sounds like a good idea. Give your girlfriend as much space as you can, and she will be more likely to return; if she doesn't, then you weren't meant to be. Life keeps changing -- just keep telling yourself it won't always be like this.

Hi Kyle,

Sorry for the additional pain you are going through........... Back when I was about 19 (a LONG time ago), I was madly in love with a girl from high school. I just knew she was the one. When we left for the same college, she wanted to cool our relationship.

I tried everything I could think of to keep her. Bottom line, she wasn't interested. I was CRUSHED at the time. I didn't know how my life could go on without her. But it did..................

I dated other girls in college and after, then married my soul mate. I'd met her when she was a freshman at college, but we didn't start dating until 10 yrs later. We've been married 34 yr and have fought off her AVM and now her cancer.

We're each about 1000% committed to eadh other and madly in love. I can honestly say I love her more now than before we were married.

I offer this story in hopes that you will know that as much as you hurt now, you will find the right one someday. Might be the current lady, or someone new.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi Kyle - I'm sorry to hear about your extra unwanted stress.

I'm quite a bit older and don't have advice, but I can tell you that I've realized recently:

-we all have limited energy (AKA spoons, if you're familuar with The Spoon Theory); and in the meantime, while this "weirdness" happens, perhaps using your energies to work on yourself and your goals could be a good "distraction" from your decision of what you want in a relationship.

I wish you the best of luck with everything - and know that whatever happens, it was meant to happen.

Tell her how you really feel and make sure she listens! Say everything you want to say to her to make sure she knows excatly how you feel about her. Dont hold anything back. Wish you nothing but the best! xoxoxo