She is with Daughter

Hi friends

After a long time I came back again. Now my wife has improved a lot. She can move her left leg and can walk little. However she is doing therapy regularly. Now a days she is with our daughter. She is very happy to be with her. It is a good motivation factor.

Her vision is verry weak, it is the main problem that she has now.

Hope you all are doing well.

so happy to hear of your wifes progress…and i am sure bieng with her daughter is the motivation she needs right now…things will continue to improve…just hang in there i know it is a long slow process but just stay positive it will happen…so nice to hear such a positive update…thanks for sharing it with us…hope to hear more in the future…love and best wishes alicia xxx

So happy to hear from you. I’m glad your wife is doing better. I know she will continue with her recovery. It hasn’t even been a year yet since her bleed, right? She sounds like she is doing well and fighting. Glad your baby daughter is doing well and has her mommy back. Take care.

Hello Krishantha. So glad to hear an update and a good one too! I bet she is just loving the time she is spending with your daughter. I hope that everything continues to improve and that her recovery keeps getting better!

She is a fighter!