She is getting well

Dear Friends.

Sorry, I miss you all for a few weeks. I was busy with my official work. Now my wife can go in a wheel chair. She is compatable and she can see the world again. Now she can eat herself so doctor remove the tube that used to feed her. Till she is in the hospital howevr she wanted to go home. I think she will recover in a better way at home.

Our daughter is dong well.

so happy to hear good news all round…glad to hear she is well on the road to recovery…all my love to you both aliciaxxxx

I’m glad to hear from you . I am happy your wife and daughter are doing good !!

i’m so happy to hear your beautyful girls are doing well. hope your wife comes home soon

Krishantha, Thank You for taking the time to post. You are all always in my prayers and those of countless more…May God guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always.
Such excellent progress-she is amazing !! Hugs to all and kisses to the babe.

Wonderful news. I am so glad she is doing well in her recovery. Your daughter is adorable and I am glad to hear she is also well.

Wonderful news, Krishantha. Your family has been on my mind and in my prayers. Thank you for updating us.