She is getting better and better

My wife is getting better and better. Now she can eat herself. There are only two problems remaing 1. Her left arm and leg are weak.
2. It is difficult to open her eyes. However eye surgon told that her vision is Ok.

Doctor’s plan is to discharge her by next week. If so we can be together again.

I will keep you posted.

Yahoo what a brave and strong woman you have, thinking of you both

that is such great news…she has done so well in such a short time…i am so happy for you bothher strength will continue to improve…you must be so proud she is remarkable…it is proof miricles do happen…lots of love to you both xxxx

I am so happy for you … Now your family can be one again . ENJOY

Hello Krishantha. Excellent news that all of her hard work (and yours) is coming to fruition. I am very happy and excited for the three of you to be together…I hope it will be soon. You and yours are in my prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you.

What wonderful news, Krishantha! I am so happy that you will all be able to live like a family again!

Great news! I’m so glad to hear that she will be coming home.

Aw thats the best news Krishantha, and she will keep getting better as time goes on, take care.