She is at Rehab

My dear friends

I am unable to write you frequnlty as I have to look after three things 1. my wife, 2. my daughter and 3. my job.

Now my wife is at rehab. She is getting improve little by little. However her left hand and leg are improving very slowly. She feel pain and she can localise any pain of left side. However she can’t move her left leg and hand.

Do any body know will she be able to move her hand and leg if we continue physio therapy.

My daughter is doing well. I will up load a few photos later.

Hope you all are doing well.

It’s so good to hear from you, Krishantha. I can’t wait to see your new pictures!

Krishantha, it is still so early in her recovery. We all know that it takes really a few years for full recovery so you cannot give up hope and she has to keep fighting this, which I know you both are. Her body has been thru so much with the pregnancy and bleed, it will take some time to rebuild all of that.
I’m sure it’s a good sign that she can feel pain on that side. It has to mean something.
Thanks so much for putting up the baby photos!!! That baby is just a beauty. those sparkling eyes! You are blessed. Don’t give up hope. Your wife must be so tired. What a fight she has had.

She will recover, don´t count time, the worst has passed. Lots of love to you all.

i have been going to therapy for the same thing and i am still working. The leg will come back first just tell her don’t give up; it is very slow and a long road but liek erica said the worst has passed