Sharing :)

Hello Everyone,

I recently have been to Australia to meet Family for the first time :)

Whilst I was there I visted a the Largest Butterfly Sanctury in a Place called Kuranda.

Anyhow..I was blessed to have a Native Australia Butterfly called The Ulysses land on me a few times..and in means Good Luck..

So I thought Id pop in and share my Good Luck and Fortune with you all..Sharing is Caring I say :)

I hope you like it as much as I did..and being surrounded by these beautiful Butterflys :)

64-SANY0009.JPG (3.03 MB) 65-SANY0008.JPG (3.63 MB) 66-SANY0012.JPG (3.27 MB)

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

You made me smile " Sharing is caring". Glad we have a special site to care and share!.

Hi Lee, the photos are fabulous. As an AVM survivor, I enjoy butterflies and my deceased mom loved butterfly items. I still have a pen of hers that I bought her and it's covered with butterflies. Thank you for this posting.