Hi to all my wonderful friends!!And Everyone I don’t know!
It has been forever since I have been on here…a long time.I had a huge AVM in my brain so I had to do something. Then, I had staged gamma started in 2008, coil, and embolisms. Now my right hand keeps going numb. Does this happen to anyone else? I hope someone knows but I am going to call my Neurologist too. They could be small seizures, I am afraid I may have another bleed.

how long was your hand numb, some minutes? it may have been a small epileptic seizure.
If you are very anxiuos, go to hospital immediately.

Hi Erin. Did your doctor ever do a follow-up angiogram to see if your AVM was truly gone? I agree with the others…call your doctor! Since your page is set to private…I just wanted to let you know that there is a Sub-group here you may want to join…

Hi Erin…I also have the same issue. I’m going to see my Neuro doc next week and will tell her as well. Let’s keep each other informed…Keep the Faith!

It used to happen to me prior to my diagnosis. Right hand / arm would be numb a lot. It would also go into spasms on the upper right half of my body that would last a few minutes. I used to think it was just carpel tunnel. Now I know they were focal seizures. Like the others have said, see your doc. Good luck

Thank you for all your opinions, now I don’t feel like the only person in the world that this happens to. I will contact my neuro. and go in for a check up. My doctor is at Mayo and he is a great doctor, I hope he can fix me!!! I just have been through so much with this I worry about many different things that I took for granted. It has been an adjustment for my entire life. It is nice to have support from everyone here.

Thanks again,

My neuro put me on steroids for 7 days. After 7 days if I still continue to have problems I will call him again or drive to Mn. to see my Mayo doctor! I hate steroids, yuck!!!