Seyward on the way to Walter Reed

Well, I’m on the way to Walter Reed via my Grandmother’s house in Orkney Springs tomorrow.
I hope this all goes smoothly and my arm starts coming to life real soon.
Leg doing good…still weak on the ankles…but good.
Thanks for the prayers…I’ll probably be in DC at Walter reed for 3 months to maybe a year. I hope it don’t take that long so I can be back home soon and to more physical therapy here.
I’m praying for every one!

the best of luck at walter reed…you are in my prayers…stay positive your arm will come back it all takes time…its been 18 months for my arm now but i still believe…one major lesson i have learnt from my experience is patience…for as long as you stay positive you will continue to improve…sending lots of positive energies your way …keep up thr good work and keep us posted on your progress xxxx

Hope all is still going well. Nothing moves quickly and as you know in the military it is hurry up and wait. As you know I am in the Washington area so when you are up to going out maybe we can all meet up and share stories.
Good luck.