Setting Goals!

This has been a really challenging time in my life and each day brings it's own challenges. I am at home with 2 little boys and I lay on the couch the entire day, around 3pm or sooner my legs go haywire and burn and are extremely weak. I do the best I can as a Mom to get by. The boys do ok and seem to understand I have to rest a lot. SO on to some goals! I am realizing I have to do something to help boost my energy and positivity! SO my husband suggested walk/jogging with me. We can't really do it together but tues. AM I did it. I walked slowly and jogged slowly (5min walk, 1-2 min slow jog) My husband is out doing it 3 days a week and biking (which I am so glad he is, he seems to have mroe energy -go figure!) So tomorrow I do it again. I also asked my husband to get me a bike so that on sundays as a family we can go biking somewhere easy, cuz I am about at our little boys level - LOL! Sunday we start biking. I am excited about setting goals. I hope to run / walk a 5k too! I will keep you updated as to how it is going and have to blog later the website i'm following for the walk/jog/run- the key is to only do it 3 days a wk - so no injury occurs! I'm finding that exercise at the moment really gets the burn out but it returns 10-fold after along with a lot of twitching. I hope this encourages some! God Bless you on this tough journey...

I'm glad to read you & your husband are finding ways to enjoy a healthy walking/jogging routine together.
I think moderation is the key, then as you can build up a doable & safe routine that doesn't overdo it, you will have found the perfect goal for you. :)
Happy, safe walking, jogging & biking!

Thx guys! I'm feeling a little better, more positive and feel so mellow lately and hope it stays this way. I'm doing everything I can, I feel like I have too! My boys need me and my Husband needs his wife! So I hope my posts will be an encouragement to you. Thanx for encouraging me. Thx Patti for your listening ear always. Hope your day is good today, it will be 107 here!