Seroma from Surgery...Help

I recently had surgery to remove the top half of a large aneurysm from an AVM. The AVM was already embolized and the aneurysm was an inactive vein that was the size of a small water balloon. Several weeks after my abdominal/pelvic surgery I began to experience severe pain during urination. It turns out I had developed a seroma that was pushing against my bladder. I was in the hospital over a week with a drain put in. My interventional radiologist used alcohol and then betadine to sclerose the seroma. After the flow was less than 10 cc/day they took the drain out and I went home. About three weeks later (yesterday) I went back to the hospital with the same painful urination symptoms. An ultrasound verified the seroma was back and the doctor put a drain in again. This time I was sent home to treat the seroma with betadine injections myself through the drain for a few weeks. Does anyone here have any similar stories or know what I should expect. It’s been almost a year since the AVM was discovered and my spirits are very down. I feel I will never be normal again.