Serial number on coils for future MRI compatibility?

My neurologist told me that each coil has a serial number that radiologist run against a database to ensure it’s safe for an MRI. I was going to add the number to a medical alert bracelet so I would have access in case of emergency, but wasn’t sure which number is the relevant one.

For each sticker, I have a Ref number, Lot number and two serial numbers/barcodes.

Any one else out there with coils know?

I have a coil and I don’t know the serial #. I’ve had 5 MRIs since. My embolization report says what kind of coil it is, but that’s all I know. My neurosurgeon said it was safe.

Thanks @TracyB !

If you compare the sets of numbers, my assumption is that they will match, except in the serial number, as that will be different for each item. However, I suspect you need all of the info.

What you might do is:

  • Keep the information in the medical info section in your mobile phone (cellphone)
  • Use something like Backpack to keep your medical records info together. We might still have a Ben’s Friends deal on Backpack. I’ll try to find out.

The Ben’s Friends info about Backpack is here:

Ben’s Friends is the non profit organization behind and a multitude of other rare disease patient communities.