Sequester and PPaACA

I saw my PCP the other day and I am poor (lol) so I don't have insurance and I live in Texas so I don't receive medicaid either BUT I do have pretty decent indigent care here in my city. So I asked my PCP how the sequester will affect the program. I only asked because I had read the day before how Dallas clinics were feeling the "pinch" already, especially in their clinics and school lunch programs. He said I had no worries (I'm worried about my meds more than anything; without the clinic it's about $500 out of pocket A MONTH). He said no worries because indigent care is locally funded but isn't the clinics in Dallas the same? If they are feeling it then eventually we will too. Correct? Then he went on about how the program I am on is better than medicare (which I don't even qualify for until later this year or next- I forgot). He said Dr.s are having to turn away patients because of the cuts to Medicare and more applicants are being denied already. I feel like he is wrong; that if the sequester continues as planned it will affect the federal grants and whatever else is behind and allowing for "locally funded" programs. Idk, I can't tell if I'm ignorant, or, no offense, red shirt Texans are ignorant. I don't know where else to have this conversation!
PPaACA. If it doesn't get repealed what does that mean for people like us? When my husband goes back to work and I'm able to go back in a few years (really hoping I can do something eventually)we will be losing or weaning ourselves off the government. Texas is not taking the medicaid expansion and I'm only finding conflicting arguments/articles. Insurance won't be able to deny because of pre-existing conditions but premiums are set at sky-rocketed[?] prices- and rising? But then they say these "guesses" don't matter because they do not included tax deductions (or whatever) or the rebates the insurance companies are due to pay out (it's like 85 cents to the dollar right?).I'M SO CONFUSED!!!
I thought I did my research but now... I know things are being twisted because certain people are trying again to repeal Obamacare and trolls are out and about so yeah, I'm having a hard time following. How will Medicare be affected with Obamacare? Do I have to have medicare? It sounds so confusing? does that work? I'm on disability, is medicare required with disability. I can barely survive off my disability now, how will I survive when they start deducting for medicare? I'm kind of freaking out about it and it's all medical so that's why I'm asking here instead of some politics forum or something.

I couldn't even begin to answer, Kristi, but I'm wondering if the "chat with an expert" forum at might be able to help you with this complex issue:

LOL That's what I was afraid of! I tried asking my Dr. some easy questions just to gauge his language and line of thinking but he basically said to wait until I'm actually faced with needing vs wanting answers. Ugh, o well, I will just wait it out.