September 15, 2009

CRAP…I fell in Burlingtons and broke my shoulder (small crack) on my right side…bummer. At least I can’t feel it…lol.
Oh well…just have to be more careful. My hand is pretty swollen too and a couple of my fingers are black and blue.
Watch those hooks around the cash register…it caught my coat and it just threw me off balance…I need to slow down.

Going to 1 million appointments here at Walter Reed. Keeping me pretty busy with improcessing (Army stuff).
I think they think I can do more than what I really can. They keep promising me they are hurrying to get all of the “stuff” done so that I can get my disability established and get home…we’ll see.
Thinking about everyone…take care!

Oy ! Those hooks are ruthless enemies and I have many bruises and scrapes to prove it . Now you have more reason to heal faster…to my knowledge the Army and all branches of our millitary attempting to hurry in accomplishing any task is almost more amusing than being attacked by a hook… I do not want you to get hurt while rolling around in the throes of uncontrollable laughter so heal as fast as you can and perhaps you can assist in the form filling process ? Could be amusing for you …
I hope all does well with the million appointments and the " paper-work " …

I think your first word sums it up pretty well! Glad to see you still have a sense of humor. I would have at least thought you could have gotten your purchase at Burlington’s comped for the “inconvenience” of breaking your shoulder! Maybe that’s just taking advantage :slight_smile: Too bad you had your fall now instead of next month…it could have been the start to a good Halloween costume with the black & blue! :slight_smile:
I do hope that you can hurry through all the beaurocratic stuff and just get home. I know those things have to happen and there are processes to follow…blah blah blah. How long do you really think it will be?