Sept. is Pain Awareness Month!

I was thrilled to see Sept. is Pain Awareness Month! While the Proclamation is not going to fix pain, just knowing that the powers-that-be are acknowledging pain, feels like a step in the right direction!
Hmmm, inspires me to write a letter of 'applause' to Washington DC & briefly explaining why this Proclamation is so important!
Imagine the impact if each one of us living w/ chronic pain writes them... ;)

September is almost here!

To do my part in my community to help raise pain awareness, I've written a mayor, state governor, congressman, senators, President Obama & local newspapers. I'm pleased a local paper published my letter-to-the-editor and has received positive feedback. :)

While I realize my efforts are mere drops of rain among a huge ocean, we never know what those 'mere drops' will do to make changes for the better. :)

I hope others living with pain will feel well enough to speak up & help raise awareness, which will eventually lead to increased research & cures.

Best wishes & happy advocating. ;)

You're terrific, Patti. Thank you for advocating for those who have chronic pain!

Hey Patti,

It only takes a few drops of rain to help a flower grow. Good for you... :) // I never heard of this before. Thank you so much for posting it. I have an idea (light bulb). - Have you thought about writing a letter to Ellen? She has a website where you can submit it. She does so many wonderful things for people and has millions of viewers. I'm certain she would mention it on her show. That woman reaches more people than what our own gov't does. Hmmm.. I think she should be our next president. lol I shouldn't laugh to hard, she would probably win the election (ha ha).


Thanks, dancermom & Ben!
Ben, thanks for the suggestion of writing Ellen - excellent idea!:)