Sense of perception

I am interested to know has anyone had any changes in their sense of perception,distance, timing those sorts of things? I have an unruptured avm that my doctor told me wouldn’t affect me and I could live a normal life with it…but lately my parking seems way off I can’t seem to park my car right I can’t seem to judge distances very well and I’m starting to really freak out because I have never had any problems like this before.

Hi Zoe. I've wiped out the left rear side of my car once, within the first year post-op and occasionally misjudge distances. I don't believe its anything more than me being me, though.

I was warned before the op that loss of peripheral vision can be a deficit. Others on here have told me that they have some vision loss but the eyes adapt to this change - I can't vouch for that and I'd be a tad scared to test that theory out.

With your concerns I would recommend you speak to a medical professional with a greater knowledge of AVMs - my doctor is awesome but she insisted I consult with the real experts. Btw, the expert told me straight up - YOU STOP DRIVING, NOW!

Hi Zoe. I occasionally misjudge distances like Tony, since my op as well. My close vision has had definite deterioration since the op, but then again, that sort of tendency runs in my family, beginning about my age!!
My specialist says he doesn't think it's related at all.

I used to get interruptions to my vision along with migraines pre-op, and usually there would be lack of peripheral vision along with other disturbances like zig-zag type patterns and everything turning black and white! But no more of that since my op : )...I wouldn't recommend you undergo an op just to get rid of these side-effects if your specialist says you don't need it, however!

carolyn xo

Hello Zoe. I scratched my brand new car (then) some time after I was able to drive again. After surgery, my peripheral vision was bad for a long time, but it did get better. Perhaps I thought it got better than it really was. I have always been rather clumsy but these days I am much more aware of my clumsine.

I too would recommend you speak to a specialist who has knowledge of AVMs. My GP is wonderful but he won't do anything before he/we speak to my Neurologist.
All the best!