Semi-Annual MRI, 10-29-10


Its time for my semi-annual MRI. I have it scheduled for October 29th 2010 at 11:00 am.

Keep your fingers crossed and lets see if it has shrinked to a very nominal/acceptable size, albeit hopefully self eliminated. (not really counting on that possibility though),

Anyway,....just thinking about all my friends here on the AVM Survivors Site, and wishing everyone, good friends, good health, happy life, and,.....Never give up !!


"You are,...What You do,...When it counts"


Hello there William, all the very best for the MRI this month, I hope and pray that is an acceptable size (or disappeared…miracles do happen)!! Great to hear from you, take care and enjoy life…your friend, Lesley.

All the best William, I am having my regularly 6mth MRI in mid Nov as well!

Hi William, Best of luck. let us know how it goes

Got my fingers crossed for good news and a good outcome for you!!! Let us know your findings please. Good luck, William! Take care, buddy!!!

Hi William. As it turns out we are neighbors…I live in Cordova, TN. Unfortunately, I have to be out of town that day. After 7 years voluntary absence my company is calling me back to work …Yikes! I will be commuting to work to Charlotte, NC. at the end of Oct. I flew as an International Flight Attendant for years after my AVM bleed. Long live the survivors!!!