Self-Obliterated Micro AVM Regrowth?

Back in January of this year I had an angio that showed that my AVM appeared to be gone. I was incredibly excited about this result as it was determined to be inoperable after my rupture due to the deep location and not recommended for gamma knife due to the eloquence of the site.

I wanted to find out if any other members have had this experience at all, and if so, did the AVM regrow on follow up scans?

I am now working through healing my deficits to the best of my abilities and have another 9 months before my next MRI and angiogram.

I am a big speculator myself, LadyGray, but in this case, I don't think speculation will be helpful to you and might dilute your focus. As I see it, you have been given a piece of very good news, and your job right now is to heal and enjoy your life as much as possible. Your next angio and MRI come at an appropriate time, and I think it would be borrowing trouble, probably needlessly, to speculate about regrowth. I have not yet heard of regrowth after an avm "blew itself out" during a rupture.

You are on point dancermom… I did think about this before I posted. I am a bit of a planner and like to prepare myself for any and all outcomes but this likely won’t help the next 9 months go any easier. :slight_smile:

Its rare and a very lucky thing to happen I had a DAVF very similar to avm also disapeared by itself had angiogram year later was still gone was told by my surgeon 0 chance returning after that time frame and no more checkups I say very doubtful would regrow you will just need your check in 9 months to double check still gone then I would say thats it (-:

Take Care

I have never heard of this before but i pray that the AVM never ever comes back and this miracle keeps you blessed...God bless