Just experienced my first seizure on 1/7/14 it was horrible and I thought my avm had ruptured again. I was so scared that I thought I would be going through another op. Luckily the doctor told me it was a seizure. I’m now okay but just really tired no matter how many hours I’ve slept. Glad to be at home at the point that it happened. Hope it won’t happen again since I know that seizures only happen once in a life (usually)

Hello esther06, Sorry to hear that you had a seizure. Did the doctor suggest that you try an anti-seizure med?

Having a seizure is extremely scary...many of us on the Network have them...

Yes he did… But I still feel really drowsy. Not sure if I should go back to school for my exams tmr

When did you have your seizure?

1/7/14 ! but i just got dis charged due to the unsteadiness in my walking and my head feels heavy

Oh my goodness! I've never had one and cannot imagine what you are going through. Are you now on Keppra?

Yes! I’m on Keppra. Me too before this incident. Never thought I’d have one haha

Hi esther06,

I am so sorry to read you have had a seizure, they really are horrible experiences and not something I would wish on anyone, the tiredness is usual after a seizure I was told by the hospital that a seizure can be like running a marathon but in 1-3 minutes and can have those effects of tiredness and want to sleep all the time , I slept for a whole day or so after my 2nd seizure also im on Keppra as well and that can make you feel very out of it and sleepy when you first start taking it until your body adjusts to it so that may also be having its effect on you at the moment.

I really hope that you feel much better soon once your brain and body have settled down again .

Thanks so much, I'm feeling better now :-)

Sending prayers your way & hope all gets better…please see your doctor so you can arrange appropriate medication if required…God bless

Thank you!