Hi I was just wondering if anyone has seizsures and if anyone is taking vimpant and keppra xr together and what seem to be the side effects?

Thank you

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Hi Igcohen,

Here's a link where you can look up side effects and interactions of medicines. Click on "Add/Remove drugs" to compare what you are taking. I hope this helps you:,1294-0


I was taking Keppra for 3 years with no side effects. However I was taking amitriptyline for the same amount of time and that was not good. I do not recommend amitriptyline for a long period of time.

Hi Lgcohen

I Have Been Taking KEPPRA For 1 Year Now For My Seizure It Has Helped My Seizures But Not Completely. I Was First On CARBAMAZEPINE But I Had To Stop Taking It Has I Am Allergic To It. I Have A AVM Plus 3 Aneurysms I Am Due To Have A Craniotomy On The 2nd December This Year. At Kings In London. Has For The KEPPRA It Has Changed My Moods And I Cant Tolerate Much Especially To Many People At One Time. My Family Have Found I Get Angry Since I Have Been On KEPPRA.

Hope This Helps
Take Care Crystal

I had one seizure three years after a craniotomy to remove AVM. I was told I'll be on anti-convulsants for life because of the brain damages leaves me with a permanent risk of seizures. I've been on a small daily dosage (150mg x2 daily) Lamotrigine (generic of Lamritical) for four years now. I've had no side effects and no further seizures. Great experience with this drug.

*I think I get drunker faster now ... hasn't slowed me down at all. Sorry doc!