I've had seizures for about five years now. I take meds and still get one about once or twice a month. They have always been limited to my left foot. About an hour ago I got off the tradmill and had one that included my arm, chest and neck also. This has never happened before. Has this ever happened to any of you? I have an appointment to see my neurologist tomorrow but I'd like to know any of your thoughts first. Thanks.

The members in the Seizure sub-group might be able to answer. I am glad you have an appt. with the neurologist to morrow. Let us know what happens. Thanks!

Hi Jason,

I live with seizures too. Strenuous activity makes mine worst. Did you over do it on the treadmill? It could have been just a fluke or... it's possible your meds may have to be adjusted.


My doctor told me to take it easy when working out and added Depakote to my Tegretol.

i'm sorry you had to go through that, good that you have the neurologist.

when you do strenuous activity, you deplete electrolytes (potassium, sodium, etc), which is bad for anyone. i eat a banana before if i can to avoid spasms from a slighly spastic calf, and i make sure to try to do gatorade or coconut milk after to help.

i take keppra and haven't had any more. But I take B vitamins and do the electroylyte to help.

best wishes, sucks when doing the healthy thing cause problems. i get migraines if i exercise too hard, which just seems so wrong.

Thanks, I'll try the gatorade next time. I think I'll take a few days off first. Maybe do some wine therapy.

definitely take a few days off, i truly think that when your body tells you something, listen to it.

gatorade or a banana with water, either should get your electolyte balance back. you'll notice that's what athletes tend to do on the sidelines of sports games.