Anyone suffer these after a few months of the bleed so far its been a couple of months and not had any at all apart from a strange rubber burning smell which might be related to my iPad burning only happened today though but no other symptoms -:

Hi Daven,
Are you currently on antiseizure medications?
Seizures are a 'common' symptom of an AVM & can represent changes, so please let your drs. know of your new symptoms.
Take care.


None at all never have been I have currently not suffered any seizures even when I bled maybe smell thing nothing to worry about

About 4 months after I had my craniotomy (I had a bleed 2 months before the crani) we had moved to a new house/apartment, whatever. I was unpacking and I kept saying, "Man, it smells like burning wires up in this place." We just thought it was the boxes or maybe the A/C because it was a new place and we had only been here like Idk 2 weeks maybe. My sense of smell has been really intense since my crani so it wasn't unusual for me to smell something everyone else couldn't. Then I woke up in the back of an ambulance, not knowing where I was and was confused because the guy was asking about my kids and I told him I didn't have any. I had just had a baby a month before, I obviously had kids. Every now and then I smell like this burning dust smell, like when you turn your heat on for the first time in winter. But I only had the one big seizure. None since...that I can say for sure anyway.

I had a nocturnal grand mal seizure 3.5 years after surgery. The seizure is thought to be related to my brain damage, and I will be on medicine for the rest of my life. When I had the seizure, I was extremely sleep deprived which is also considered a cause of seizures. So maybe it was related, maybe it wasn't. In any case, no further seizures.

Hi Daven it's been 5 weeks since my bleed and a month since operation. i've notice that smell and burned dirt, dry sand. I live in San Diego, Ca my family said I'm the only one smelling that stuff. Never thought of posting the topic, thanks you're not alone.

Is all very odd said I am unlikely to get seizures not sure how they can actually be sure and what odds are of having them frightening thought but at least treatable with tablets. I was wondering if you was only having mild ones do you still need to take anything.

Has your neurologist ordered an EEG to check for seizure activity?

none guessing see me as low risk guess best to avod meds if you can I believe if you just have a couple of mild ones not too concerned just if they continue need to get meds I think I may of read somewhere 30percent risk of having them but dependent on things like overall health in general,size of bleed and location and what treatment you had if any.