How long does it take your nerves to calm down and your body not twitch from time to time?its been two months from my last seizure …

Sorry, it depends..................

My wife still gets twitches, and she's not had a seizure for 15 yrs...........She still takes anti-S meds. The twitches could be what is called 'break through seizures'.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Hi Rheana,

Are you seeing an epileptologist? (A neurologist who specializes in can look them up here: Find An Epilepsy Doctor)

Twitching isn't something that all people with epilepsy have to live with, and an expert might be able to adjust your medicine or help you figure out what's causing the twitches.

When my husband switched from neurologists to epileptologists (he's seen many of each kind of doc, as our insurance has changed or we've moved), and the difference is night and day. Some neurologists will hit on exactly the right treatment, but if you have any reason to be unhappy with how the treatment is going, I strongly suggest seeing an epileptologist.


Thanks JH that is something to consider i am currently seeing a neuroligist but i am trying different seizure meds so that could be some side effects but it has not been a pleasant process. im really hoping this new med is the one for me