I’d like to know if I had a seizure in front of someone, what is that someone suppose to do for me, other then call an emergency number? Also is it possible to bite off your tongue during a seizure? I’ve heard of this but didn’t know if it was true. I had a seizure way back when I was 4 or 5 but really don’t remember it much.

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Hi @Alison I hope you’re doing well.

The advice for seizures is “it depends”:,Stay%20with%20the%20person%20until%20the%20seizure%20ends%20and%20he,the%20person%20and%20speak%20calmly.

The UK NHS advice is similar to that of the CDC. In general, if this is the first time someone has had a grand mal seizure, an ambulance should be called. If someone has regular seizures and the seizure resolves in its normal time frame, then an ambulance may not be required. Any seizure over 5 minutes warrants an ambulance.

I think there is always a danger of injuring yourself in a grand mal or tonic clonic seizure.

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Well I can speak with some recent experience…I had a few bumps and bruises, but was sitting in a chair when it happened and went head first to the floor. The most serious injuries are from falling, if an aura the recommendation is to get to the floor.

My seizure was for better than 5 minutes and my first, absolutely required the trip via ambulance. I am missing about two hours of time. I hope to not have another but those close to me are advised to keep me safe and away from objects and then support when over. Not to try and stop it or contain, except to keep in a safe vicinity. I understand tongue biting is a risk but I did not experience that, and it would seem it is not excessively frequent.

But like all great things with the brain, and to quote a dear friend, “it depends”! There does not seem to be any certainties for sure, but a lot of usually, generally and most often!

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Hi Allison, Seizures are unfortunately my “specialty.” (About 50 years of seizures due to AVM craniotomies scar tissue.)
I’ve bit my tongue badly a couple of times but that was due to a fall. That’s how I usually hurt myself because I’m disoriented/unbalanced after my seizures. You probably don’t have to worry about that if you have someone that lives with you that knows what to do-- keep you safe and calm.
That’s about all that they can do except call an ambulance if you go into “status epileptus,” where the seizures don’t stop. But you might feel more safe if you go to the emergency room. Usually, if I can I don’t go to a hospital because it doesn’t help and makes matters worse for me.
I find taking tylenol or ibuprofin helps for the pain afterwards.
There’s still a bunch of old wive’s tales about shoving wooden spoons down someone’s throat so they don’t swallow their tongue. That is risky and unnecessary, ended up with lots of cracked teeth.
Finding the right meds to balance control and quality of life was my big challenge. I’ll tell you more if you want. (I’ve been through the ringer.) Best wishes, Greg