Seizures anew

1 good year without seizures and within the week of the curative seizure they have returned.

I had a major seizure last Tuesday, 5/24. I lost an hour of time. I didn't realize it until I noticed there were text messages and a phone call that I composed and made that did not remember. Apparently I held a 9 min and 14 sec conversation with my best-friend who said I was completely coherent and he didn't detect that anything was amiss. My text to another friend were normal as well. It seems that I had a seizure so severe it wiped out my memory-making abilities for an hour. this has happened before; one time that I can recall. I think it happened so severely...just to make sure that there wouldn't be any confusion on my part. I did feel in the few days before hand that I may have noticed a couple blips but I brushed them off as figments of my imagination. I wasn't having seizures anymore, I'm not Epileptic anymore you see.
I'm living under the belief that this was a one time anomaly and not even a seizure.
I can't deal with seizures again, not again. They ruined my life.

I’m sorry for the setback, Jaime. I just know that someone with your drive and determination will overcome this obstacle. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers…