Seizures and Work

I have been working as a PSW for the last five years and my seizures always seem to happen at work. I am finally coming to terms that maybe I should not be working any more. My doctor tells me that this would be a good idea. I really don’t know what I should do??

What does PSW stand for? I work at a blood donation center. I have had 2 seizures at work within a year. I have often wondered the same thing. It is terribly disruptive for my co-workers. I feel guilty because it throws everything out of wack. The first time they had to end a blood drive early. The second time the center had to be closed early. Not to mention all the schedule shuffling. And there are days that I am not at my best. I find that I can't get very stressed out anymore without it making me lose my "words" which in itself is frustrating. But I need my insurance and others still work.

Hi Melissa
PSW stands for personal support worker. I work with elderly. The reason for thinking about leaving work is due to having 1-2 seizures a week now. My doctor told me it is unsafe to be working. I have had to think of the pros and cons about my situation, I hope everything works out for you! Take care

Good Lord! What kind are you having? Not that that would matter. That would definitely make me stop working. That is dangerous.

Omg, I just noticed I put 1-2 seizures a week, I meant to write 1-2 a month!
definetly not have that many a week, sorry for the mix up.