Had a seizure yesterday. Been off meds 2 years! When will I finally be permitted to walk away from this???

Sorry to hear that Nicole. I wish you could walk away from the AVM too. How have you been feeling lately?

Hey! I am definitely not two years off meds, or anywhere close to being off them yet (had my last seizure in January), but I know how it feels. I just kinda wish it could all be over, so I could get on with my life again & not have to worry about things like seizures etc. It’s miserable. Though, someday we’ll hopefully be done with it forever. Best of luck & don’t give up hope :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear about the seizure. In the early 70s there was a great word for this situation…BUMMER! Sending positive waves of energy your way!

Back bon Keppra, although the original emergency room tent was Moraphine hey you can,t go wrong with blocking neural synapses, 220/ 221 whatever it takes!!because they won,t Dennis a girl home with a hypo of Moraphine, looks like it's just Keppra in my medicine chest for now!! Seems to take the edge off! Feeling much better friends thanks for the kind thoughts and humor