I have been doing well up until the other week. I had a seizure at work almost four years after radiation treatment. Has anyone else been through this?

Amanda, lots of members have seizures. I'm sorry it's happened for you. Any time the brain is touched, whether it be physically by hand or not, seizures are possible. Seizures can occur many years after the initial treatment. Have you seen your neurologist yet about this? Most seizures can be controlled with medication. Sometimes it's trial and error before you find the right one. Best of luck to you.

Hi Amanda,
As Trish mentioned, many of 'us' do experience seizures after an insult to the brain.
There are many anticonvulsants available through your neuro, so work with him/her on what's best for you.
Best wishes.

Hi Amanda.... it feels sorry to know that u r presently going thru ur recovery after a seizure... if i vaguely remember i have had 4 seizures in my 12 yrs of AVM struggle... but the impact of seizures are more on the physical part of our body as much as it impacts the mental in any case Doctors must be consulted to take the best care...... one suggestion....dont speculate when u wud face a similar scenario of siezure in ur life....bcoz our mind is a devil....just keep urself busy with loving n caring ppl around.... it indirectly cures all ur health issues n fears... take care :)

Since the radiation stays in you for three years. And you had a seizure four years after your treatment --- I would definitively be calling your dr. (today) and getting a new MRI done.

I agree with what the others have said about seizure meds. You may want to be put on one of them so you don't have any more. It is possible (rare) it was only a one time thing but, you never know.

Please see your dr.,


I understand your frustration... I was seizure free for 5 years after the treatment then the seizures began again, I was told that the build up of scar tissue was causing the neurons to miss fire. Not enough rest, a need to eat, ... any stress on your body causes this. I finally found a drug that I could live with ... I still don't like the effects from the drugs but it beats worrying that another seizure will occur.
I wish you the best of luck and good health. Stay positive ... you will find your answers.