Seizure with avm

after surgery doctor recommended


However, I was living with my mom and I was eating perfectly good/healthy food every day at 1. My mom left the county and since then I had lots of acccidents. One while sleeping (I don’t remember), another one in the shower (I remember I fell down), but thisweek, I had a seizure

I was feeeling like depressed , we were lost, and I felt like I was crazy, weird.
Then we went to a bar, and I felt more depressed.
My friend told me I took the chair, stump on it, grabbed it really hard, then let it go,and then fell face first to the ground.

Then I spent 3 days in the hospital, and they gave me generic for Keppra (Levetiracetam)

My AVM was 3.2 CM, and completely embolized. THey said people woth AVM sometimes have sezures. But why now after 1 year I have a seizure? I stopped taking Metropolol and Clonidine. With so much stress with COVid and everything I finally went to see my doctor on April 2021. I started taking Metropolol and Clonidine again. I thought I was doing a good thing since I already had a thick draining vein I thought the idea to reduce blood pressure was good. I am not sure if that caused the seizure, I doubt it, I came to this forum, and I saw a lot of people have had seizure.

Has anybody had a seizure even though the AVM is 100% obliterated?

I feel very nervous now, I still have to do a cerebral angiography.

I had no idea why I had a seizure, in the hospital they explained maybe it was because the AVM was there, and now it’s not, to there are some electrical misfires.

I have been under a horrendous amount of stress trying to re-build my credit and get a loan for anew house, when I got my seizure, that is exactly what we were doing. But before I already felt like my brain was not working like I was lost or something.

Very very scary.

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Wow, you’ve had a tough go, sounds like you have a ton of stress. I don’t know a ton about seizures, I have been fortunate and not had any. I do have a friend who has had two, and they believe the cause was a combination of stress and some vitamin deficiencies magnified by dehydration. It caused that electrical activity to cause a seizure in him, I did a couple fo google searches and found some interesting reading for sure. I’m certainly not able to take a guess if it related to your AVM, and embolization, but I would suggest a consult with a neurologist. Take Care, John.

Hi! I’m very sorry for the ordeal you are walking through! I’ve been on antiseizure medication since 2000. I have changed medication per doctors order along the way. I only have had two possible “abscence seizures” but I didn’t wake up until we were at the hospital. My wife described what I was doing (seizing & clenching my teeth) but I have no recollection. At the time I was weening off antiseizure medication. So, all that to say, check with your doctor and perhaps inquire about a “seizure clinic” where the observe you overnight and evaluate your case for possible seizure activity. Hope all goes well! Blessings as you continue!

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Hi, I totally understand what you are going through. I had a seizures (my face began to droopy) about 1 year after my last chemo, that at this moment I can’t come with the name lol the neurologist put me on Keppra 500 mg 2xday with no side effects but still had seizures I then had my Keppra 1000mg 2xday. Long story longer after it has taken awhile to get the combination of meds to work for me without side effects.
Side note…I didn’t listen to my neurologist when I was told even if has been a year my brain was still healing so I need to ease into my high stress job which I didn’t not listen too till I had a mini stroke I was listened to my doctor’s after that! My brain is a little scrambled and will be for a long while even after a year of chemo and 4 embolizations. Cut your self a break and good luck with your recovery!

I had a seizure a year after I had my AVM removed; plenty of damage from the rupture but they attribute the seizure to drinking too much alcohol and lack of hydration; now I will be on Keppra for life and limit my alcohol intake and drink plenty of fluid s if I do.

Was that your first seizure?

So you never had the AVM removed?

So you never had your AVM removed?
So you never spent 2 nights when they observe you for seizure activity

So you had hemorrhage 1 year after the AVM was removed and that caused seizures?

no, I had the AVM removed 3 months after the rupture; I had a seizure 1 year after the AVM removal.

Oh so maybe the hemorrhage caused part of your brain to be prone to seizures?
Or is part of your brain irritated?

This is all new to me. I was shocked to see that medical report when I’ve never had rupture. So I’m trying to just remove possible points of error.

From what I understood my AVM is causing brain cortex irritation and that caused seizure

It also seems like left temporal is affected when there is AVM

So I think there is abnormal blood flow.

But they say other than glue brain is intact.

Let’s hope so!

I believe the rupture makes that part of my brain prone to seizures if I don’t keep hydrated or if I get over heated; after a couple of seizures I am very aware of my triggers and try to avoid them.

That is similar to me
I believe my AVM became bigger after embolization
Maybe they didn’t get it all
MRI says surface of AVM is bigger

I started having symptoms in when summer started

Hope after the surgery I can have the life I had before AVM started.

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