Seizure post surgery

Hi there - it’s been a while since I’ve been on this site but I’m thankful for the support from people who have similar stories and the resources that this site provides.
My daughter recently had a seizure while driving and this is her third seizure post surgery in 2008. We’re not that educated on seizures but are very concerned because she’s been complaining about leg and arm weakness since the seizure. Is this normal or not? I’m making her an appointment to see a Neurologist that specializes in Seizures. Any suggestions besides recommending that she not drive anytime soon. Car was completely totaled. It’s such an unfortunate time because she’s starting graduate school this week. Trying my best to encourage her but we’re both pretty shaken up from this incident.

I have arm and leg weakness right after a bad seizure but it clears relatively quickly. Has it been a few days or so? If so, I would definantly call someone.

Hi Tracy. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Seizures are quite common following brain surgery, unfortunately. You've done the right thing in seeking out a neurologist that specializes in seizures. Has your daughter ever had seizures before? If not, the doctor may want to do an EEG to establish what type of seizure activity she is having. There are a multitude of different anti-seizure medications out there and they'll probably want to start her on one. With these medications it's often trial and error to determine the correct med and the correct dosage. There is a subgroup here for members who deal with seizures. You can find it here: should you wish to join. Best of luck with your daughter.

Thanks for you responses, especially for the link to the subgroup for people with seizures. I will definitely follow -up.

Thank God, your daughter is ok, Tracy. You sound like an awesome mom and your daughter benefits from your support. I see Trish has some excellent suggestions. Best wishes to your daughter as she starts grad school. Your family and you will be in my prayers.

Hi Tracy, Thank, God, that your daughter was not injured in the accident. I am the mother of a 25 year old son and a 22 year old daughter but I can only imagine your stress about her seizures. I see Trish gave you some excellent advice. You sound like an awesome mom and your daughter is fortunate to have you on her team. Best wishes to her as she starts grad school.

Oops sorry, Tracy, for sending you another comment.