Seizure Medications

Hi Everyone! My background, had AVM removal-craniotomy Feb. 2020, Surgery successful but had several seizures in the next few months, mostly due to excessive alcohol use. Have quit drinking but am still on Keppra 750ml twice a day. Makes me lethargic, any other options or opinions on Keppra?

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Hi! There are a ton of other antiseizure medications. However, check with your doctor to see which one is best for you! Blessings as you continue!

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Well you could ask your doctor if there are any other type of pills you could try. I’ve been on Keppra for 20 years. Take 1500 mg morning & night. It took me a little while to get used to the pills but my body got used to after about a month.

Sorry to hear about this JohnC but as others have stated there are several medications available and you should speak with your medical experts… God bless!

/Thanks for the input, I have appt. with my Neurologist soon and will ask about other options than keppra. I can handle it but it just makes me really tired sometimes.


I can relate to lethargy, it’s a common side effect of the medication. If you have had your AVM successfully removed then it’s most likely that you need to be on Keppra to mitigate the chances of seizures, however you don’t necessarily have to be on anti seizure medication if you can get an EEG test done that your current brainwaves are epileptic. I used to be on Keppra for about two years but the doctors stopped it after they saw that my brain activity has stabilized by doing an EEG. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ll ask my Neuro about EEG test also. I feel great, even a reduced dosage of Keppra would be better…

Hello John of I could recommend one big thing to ask your doctor. If you haven’t had any seizures in a long time and want to come off of medication. I highly suggest following a modified Atkins diet. I’m on 4 seizures meds but since following this diet I haven’t had any big seizures. I did have a few small ones of I didn’t eat anything like during a flu/cold situation. Best of luck to you!!

Keppra spun me out. My docs said there were as many as 20 different options for seizure meds. Vimpat seems much easier for my body. Good luck in your search.