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Seizure med


My son had an AVM rupture and several strokes almost 2 years ago. He is on Keppra (also had tried trileptol). He seems more upset and has more spasms on this med. Has anyone had this with Keppra and changed to another med with less side effects? My son is non verbal.


They say Keppra affects everyone differently. I am 52 years old and my main concern is it makes me drowsy it doesn’t make me angry at all. I’m told that the benefits out weigh the side effects. Hope you find the answer you are looking for. Good luck.


Thank you Kell.


The first 6 months that I was on Keppra I had irritability issues and drowsiness; it has been 2 years now, I still get drowsy a little bit about 3 hours after I take it but my irritability issues have gone away I guess my body just got used to it


Thank you Mike.


I really struggled with seizure meds, I felt angry and suicidal and even had psychotic episodes. It was so scary because I’m naturally a pretty easy going happy person. I also believe with every different one I tried my seizures only got worse. I went from one a week to eventually four a day. In desperation I started the ketogenic diet( now I do the Modified Atkins diet) I also use a 2:1 CBD: THC oil. It’s worked miracles for me!


Thank you Chingona. I will look up those oils.