Seizure 3 years after rupture

My daughter's AVM ruptured on December 2012 in her posteria fossa. She's had surgery and embolization and her AVM was obliterated in May of 2013. She had a seizure for the first time this last weekend. Has anyone else experienced a seizure that long after their AVM? She was given Keppra. What side effects have you noticed with Keppra?

I didn’t have any side effects while on Keppra but I don’t think that I ever had a seizure. It was more of a precaution since my bleed was cranial. Brain stem. I wish I had more information. Hopefully someone will.

I was placed on Keppra for seizures that started happening after my second intracranial bleed. The side effects I experienced most were exhaustion, memory problems and panic attacks. Everyone reacts differently to these types of drugs. Eventually my neurologist took me off it because of these side effects though.

Hi Sandradee, I too am taking Keppra and have done since my rupture in 2013, They initially wanted to give me it for a short 3 months and then take it away but because I still had an AVM that needed treatment they kept me onit, I have no side affects that I'm aware of and it has been descried to me as the Rolls Royce of anti seizure meds (because its a go to one with few people being affected by side effects) That being said everyone is different :) , Obviously after a rupture the brain changes and this is why anyone that has had a rupture or any other kind of brain trauma "may" be asked to take anti seizure meds. As someone that's had 2 seizures in the past (which I think is very few) I would still rather take the Keppra for the rest of my life than have another one. I wish your daughter and you the best, Take care and hope this helps a little.

I had an embo followed by surgery as well. My first seizure was within a few months, second a year later, third almost exactly a year later and I think I had two that following year. I'm now on generic Keppra, 1500mg 2x/day-- I started at 500 2x/day I think. My side effects were anger, depression and loss of appetite. I found that taking it on a regular schedule (12 hours between) worked for me. I'm pretty sure my emotional issues are "feminine" or typical stroke/AVM rupture related. Most people (other patients) I've talked to about Keppra usually become regulated within a few weeks. I don't know many that continue seizures on it. ~seizure free for 2 years~

I potentially had a partial seizure 4yrs after surgery but never got to the bottom of it after several tests and consultation…hope everything works out for your daughter… God bless!

Embolization has chronic effects on bloodflow, this alteres the pressure on normal vessels. I believe she is having some changes. Seizures can appear anytime after 6 months of procedure.The most common effects of Keppra is irritability or mood changes, dizziness or drowsiness, coordination difficulties, lost of appetite.