Seeking uterine avm specialist in the states

Can anyone recommend a specialist with knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of uterine avms in the United States? Thank you

While I can’t recommend a specific doc, Jessica, look for one with extensive experience with uterine AVMs. I typed in ‘uterine AVM doc’ in the search bar the top right of the screen to get you started. I wish you all the best in your search. :slight_smile:

Thanks I did try that but because these are so rare, there are not many doctors in the states that know how to treat it. Ive been looking for two months. Its very frustrating.

Jessica- wondering how you're doing? I had my AVM (suspected AVM along with placenta accreta) at University of Michigan health system. I was sent to U of M from a doctor at my local hospital. I wish you the best.

Darn! I hope you are still reading this thread, Jessica! Even tho I see Robert Rosen MD for extremity VM (as that is his specialty), he also has done many UAE (uterine artery embolization) and did one on me. My sister, with no AVM, went to a local IR who does many UAEs. But a fibroid for her is blessedly easy. Mine was considered a VM and was considered risky due to possibility of blood loss. Never had a problem since that surgery. Look at for contact info. I never saw a specialist in GYN IR. I did loss my fertility, but we had finished our family. Not a concern for me.

If you get it, you will wake up with the feeling of a labor contraction. Because the uterus is in spasm; just like labor. Rather than pain med, I insisted on muscle relaxant since uterus is a muscle. Just needed it for that one nite. Sometimes I know what I am talking about. Ha!