See what new in mapping the brain!

Over the last 10 years so much technology has come forth to verify and validate what has been happening inside our brain. This latest technology exposes the diseases, trauma in detail level and more importantly it confirms what so many of us have tried to explain to our primary, neurologist etc.

CNN has done a video with neuroimaging lab physician from UCLA regarding how the imaging called SWI exposes so much more details. Please watch this video and be amazed, this will hopefully lead to earlier diagnosis and hopefully better treatment for all that suffer and untreated or misdiagnosed! This imaging is available in many location through out USA. The story of how this came to be is in

Thanks to a millionaire who is a retired Colonel and wanted to help our Veterans coming home with brain trauma. To provide the latest technology regarding the brain. This colonel invested in the best technology and built center for our vets to go to and be provided care.

The first one was built next to the Walter Reed Hospital and is a separate Brain Institute that provides imaging that confirms the brain damage of explosives and other trauma's that our vets had to endure. The called it the Invisible Disability. Sound familiar.