Security issues

Hey, I am glad that my experience has brought a security issue out. I found it totally humiliating that an old college acquaintance had access to my private posts through a google search of my name. We AVM survivors should feel that we can vent, sympathize, bare our souls, etc. to other AVM people without that becoming public knowledge. Thanks to Ron for the ideas of what we can do to change our profile info. I’m wondering if the administrators of this site can do anything to make this support group a more secure site also. Kim

Hi Kim. I noticed on the main page now there is a new section that says"concerned about privacy". In the last few months I have seen many positive changes to this site. For example, the addition of many new and upbeat sub-groups here. I suspect you have gotten the attention of the administrators of this site and we may see even more changes including increased security/privacy measures.

Hi Kim R,

Ben Munoz posted an excellent response in your other thread called 'This Bothers Me', and said 'privacy' would be addressed on the home page. Looks like, as Barbara H said, it's already there.

wtg to Ben, or whomever is responsible, for doing that so quickly.

Ben or one of his people made the changes yesterday shortly after his post.

In addition to the privacy note that you saw, the registration page now says “Screen Name” instead of just name. Any of us can change our setting page including name in less than five minutes. When I changed my screen name yesterday, within 4 minutes, I looked at some posts I’d made with the old screen name. My user name on the old posts was now my new username, so the software went back to day one to change the name on my posts.

This site belongs to we the users. If there are changes presented that are for the good of the membership AND can be accomplished within the parameters of what we can control, we can request and make the changes. That’s not me cuz I don’t know how to do it or have the keys. Once we request something that the software will not provide, that’s where what we want ends. As I’ve stated elsewhere (or maybe here, I forget), the software that runs this board was not specifically developed for the AVM site. It is existing software. We can modify it to some extent, such as adding the privacy note and changing the settings page to add “screen name”.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS