Second seizure one year after crani

What a shit - on saturday.....a good year after my crani - I experienced my second is good - i dont remember anything, just that i felt a bit weird and then i got conscious again an hour later in my bed. I know pieces of this hour, like that i went to the toilet to vomit and then back to bed again. I must have fallen down too, coz a pic was smashed on the floor and my shoe was laying in the bathroom - and both of my ankles are swollen, hurt - also my knee....have my ties inside burst...have some bruises on my head must have bumped my head somewhere...- I dont know what happened that hour..unfortunately i was alone at home. Was in the ER afterwards - then with a neurologist - EEG showed nothing....I have no pain - except that in my legs, but I feel totally weird and confused since saturday. To me it feels as if this event pushed me a year back in recovery and improvement. Shit....but I know why it came - lack of sleep - too much PC - too much stress - I simply overdone everything.

Oh no…I am so sorry that happened to you. Being confused is normal after a seizure. Do not look at it as a huge setback. Try and look at it was a warning episode. So you over did it…now you won’t do that again! No sense in beating yourself up…you are only human! I hope you feel better soon!

No exactly how you feel.I did the same thing 2as weeks ago.Chad been 3 yrs. Seizure free after my embolazation and gamma knife.I kind stopped taking my mess then woke up un hospital after my seizure not remembering anything. I felt like I have takeni. A big step I know how you feel

Thx for ur advices and comments...i try to stay calm and not to worry too much..also i seem to have a lot of flashbacks since the kinda worries me, but honestly I dont feel bad about gives me somehow inner peace and makes me smile...weird, isnt it? think im a bit emotional confused.....