Second seizure, life not feeling great

I’m 18 in my second year of college. My boyfriend who I lived with broke up with me and had me move out of our apartment the day before school started. It had been 3 months I had a seizure so I was able to drive, the AVM diagnosis had finally left my mind some days and I was carrying on. My boyfriend drove me after my first seizure to help out. He was also my #1 emotional support. About an hour ago I had another seizure and I’m devastated most because I won’t be able to drive to school anymore (an hour away from my parents house) and the buses don’t stretch up here. January has been hard.

So sorry to here this, I feel for you, try to be positive, think good thoughts, I know its tough, my fiancé left me as soon as I started having AVM issues, I don’t want to hold her back and I do understand, but it hurts so bad, this is a very difficult ailment we deal with and it seems to scare people off, friends, family, lovers and even soulmates, acceptancing this the toughest part, we didn’t ask for this and just when we need them most, that’s the part they really don’t get, so they run, just want you to know your not alone, If it’s any encouragement, I’ve been doing this for 30 years, my surgery was in 1988, be strong and never give up, you can do this, follow your heart, it will never fail you, take care



That boyfriend was an immature jerk! If he runs away from someone when they need him most, know that he is not even close to being worthy of you. You’re 18. There will be many boyfriends in your future. Don’t let seizures or an AVM stop you. You can find a closer school with transportation when you’re ready. Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat or to get an education! Wishing you all the best!

Sharon …


Just got my license back after 1 year, hang in ,sometime it hard for the ones you love,holdfast

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Shannon, I know how you feel, life can be hard sometimes, But when your low the only way is up, Things will get better, I totally understand the driving thing as I had many posts related to this on my profile, I was able to get my licence back and can drive again, I learned that driving is not a need to have, I walked loads and used public transport which I know is different everywhere, But sure it makes life a little harder for a while but it will come good. Keep your chin up life is worth living and its not all bad :slight_smile: , Take care and find something to make you smile each day :slight_smile:



I understand how you feel, I am getting my head around my own recent break up, a week before Christmas just gone - so your not alone!

I’ve been referred for counselling and mindfulness therapy - does your college or local services provide any help like this?

We both deserve someone who is happy to stay by our side during our time of need. I’ve realised even though it hurts so much I’d rather know now than many more years down the line - this tested their commitment and showed sooner rather than later.

I honestly thought losing him would break me and that I wouldn’t be able to face treatment (first embolisation is tomorrow morning) without him. But it is already getting better with time, we will come out stronger!

As for college - reach out for support. Whether you need extra help, extended deadlines, help with exams if you need more time or breaks ect (your consultant, GP, specialist nurse should help support you with this). Id recommend talking to them about your transport situation if you havent already too. Reach out to friends and family, dont feel bad to ask for support when you need it - maybe could bus it as close as you can to uni and someone could help with travel from there to college if its on their way? Also you have all of us here to support you too :heart:

Also before all this, I was dumped by a previous uni ex and kicked out from the shared flat in my second year at the end of first term. I ended up asking around on Facebook uni pages, and friends from uni if they knew anyone and checking “” ect. I found a spare room with students going to the same uni near by to my uni - maybe some thing like this? You never know - one of my flatmates in that new house I moved into became someone who is now one of my closest friends and greatest support :smiley: though I understand if you’d rather be with family right now, but it could be an option.

If you are feeling up to it: joining new college socials or picking up old/new hobbies could be a good distraction. But still its good to allow yourself to still feel your feelings, they are totally valid afterall - being diagnosed with an AVM and the symptoms are hard enough let alone the emotions of everything else ontop! As @electrician once said: we all bring a new meaning to the word strong :muscle:

Welcome to PM me whenever :slight_smile:

Take care and best wishes,

Corrine x