Second Opinion

Hi, after some advice about how to go about getting a second opinion. I live either 900klms (flight) from my current neurosurgical team (with no support from family or friends close by) or 600klms (drive) from another neurosurgical specialist centre (with lots and lots of family and friends there to support). I am not impressed with some things that have happened, including being discharged without being able to speak to a neurosurgeon and ask much needed questions and being told I was to come back in 6 weeks (this week) only to find out it’s not for another month now. So how do I go about getting a second opinion from another town? Is it through my GP or do I organise with a phone call? Many thanks.

The Barrow Institute in Phoenix has a 'second opinion' program. It is $100 and you upload all your tests/scans/info and they send you a report of their findings. I spoke to one of the Dr.'s on the phone for about 30 min after getting my second opinion and he was VERY informative. I would highly recommend. This is a leading nuerosurgical center. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

Hi and welcome… I’m located in Sydney and would strongly recommend you try and get second opinions from neuros here seeing as your interstate… I had my surgery for my AVM performed by a Dr Erica Jacobson of Prince of Wales Randwick & Dr Davies of St George Hospital as at the time they were both located at St George Kogarah… Both neuros from what I looked into are highly rated… You could try getting in touch with them if required to see if they could assist etc… Let us know how you go and keep us posted… God bless!